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Collections —Man / Prêt-à-Porter

Spring / Summer — 2007

Press Release

The masculine expression of my style – which I like to describe by availing myself of the term “Homme Couture” – can be readily interpreted as an evolutionary process paying careful attention to what is worn and, above all, how and why it is worn…

In general I believe in evolution and not in radical breaks with the past, outrageous experiments and the capricious retrieval of past experiences. To me evolution is nothing other than a gradual process of innovation driven by big-little efforts to change, the fruit of a subtle and tenacious determination to forge a “quiet revolution.” A calm and deliberate revolution fashioned by the mind so that it may blossom into a project of elegance. But also carried out by the heart and all the five senses so that it conveys excitement and emotion…

My Men’s Collection for Spring/Summer 2007 was created with these principles in mind. In full compliance with an unchanging, yet ever new lexicon based on rigor, freedom and precision, inspired by a declared love for timeless materials and the pure alchemical joy of experimentation…

Gianfranco Ferré


Natural and hyper-compact, noble and alchemical. Gabardine, crêpe and double cottons, bonded textures and non-wrinkling wool. Waxed kangaroo, washed baby crocodile and anaconda…


Stone and metal tones. The colors of gravel, sand, iron filings and pumice…

Gianfranco Ferré “Homme Couture”: Identity, definitions…

“The “Homme Couture” formula identifies the aptitude for excellence and pursuit of quality that are absolutely intrinsic to my style for men.

My “Homme Couture” has no intent of paraphrasing Haute Couture, which implies the creation of an item – a true one-of-a-kind – expressly for an individual customer.

In reality, this formula identifies something to perceive exquisitely by touching and observing the garment with attention…”

Gianfranco Ferré

Defining the “Homme Couture”’s unique plus are primarily materials and constructions:

– Wools are always extrafine and ultralight (200 micron).

– Wool/silk blends are 180 micron.

– The Sea Island cotton is double twisted, comes in couture satin, tricotine and double gabardine weaves.

– In a silk fabric never over 90 grams in weight, tuxedo jackets reveal ‘secret’ constructions explicitly on the outside.

– Laser-cut nappa creates a three-dimensional effect in mix with linen.

– The nabuk is washed and lined with denim.

– Natural raw-edge alligator is also washed, then paired with canvas.

– Kangaroo leather assumes both a new lightness and silk knit inserts. In alternative, it’s waxed and waterproofed.

– Raw-edge ‘rush’ calf has contrast lacquered ribbing.

– Shot silk organza has a silk cloth base in the evening jackets. The same organza covers the washed and ripped denim of jeans.

– Sportjackets have oxford cloth parementures in close proximity to the silk lining, an “F” embroidery, plus the inside piping that’s a classic Homme Couture mark of distinction. Meanwhile most unusual inserts make the outside extra special.

– In the ‘architecture’ of the white shirt, a great part of the volume is shifted to the back (thanks also to the structure of the armhole). As for seams, they present seven stitches per centimeter.

– The shirt is rich in ribbing too – the effect (a close examination reveals) of at least ten different types of stitching.

– As in the blousons, also in the bags the nappa is laser cut in a three-dimensional effect and then paired with canvas.

– A marble cameo stands out beautifully on the sandals and, in buckle form, on belts as well…