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Collections —Man / Prêt-à-Porter

Spring / Summer — 2006

Press Release

“I think that now in the realm of male dress order and disorder are only apparent opposites. Rule and disobedience actually entail a wealth of attitudes and connotations which intermingle quietly, which complement and permeate one another giving rise to an easy elegance, to a casual manner and essence that becomes pure style, free from the trappings of fashion…

Today’s man coordinates the items in his wardrobe with intelligence and awareness. For instance, he sports an extremely elegant solid-color suit – so precise of construction that it appears effortlessly unstructured – over an open shirt, no tie. With an instinctive flair for irony, he pursues novelty all while remaining true to his own deep convictions and codes. Renew and recover: synthesizing to the max, I could make this the motto of an utterly linear type of behavior…”

Gianfranco Ferré

Colors too capture a feel for contrast that dissolves into exquisite harmony. Where sense of uniformity in no way diminishes multiple variations on the theme, all so simple and sophisticated. For summer the leitmotif is white. Quite unusual, rich in shadings. The purest and brightest of tones counters black. Another softer, quieter hue of white blends with carob brown, while still another nuance offsets gray…

Following a similar logic, materials shift between singular oppositions and uncommon accords, between remarkably light handles and distinctly full textures. The accent is on favourite natural fibers: wool, cotton, linen, silk. In weights determining the form and fit of the clothes. Superlative “180 S” wool and extralight cashmere give shape to soft airy sportjackets to wear with thick cotton pants. Sea Island cotton – or the world’s very finest – defines a summer parka that seems to defy the law of gravity. Instead an unmistakable taste for precious leathers marks the blousons: alligator and ostrichskin, toad and karung. All alchemically turned white…

Mixing, interpreting, playing. Or mere basic addition and subtraction. To reinvent the signature “masquerade” jackets, gorgeous every time. The ultimate for evening in layer upon layer of organza, cut in pieces, embroidered and inlaid. For a camouflage effect truly magical beyond words…