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Collections —Man / Prêt-à-Porter

Spring / Summer — 1997

Press Release

“The impression, observing the clothes, is that they were molded: comfortably structured shapes, in nicely draping fabrics, form a contrast with slimmer body-hugging lines free of any constrictive stretch factor. Aiming for natural ease, textile technology no longer makes a tech statement per se; rather, it serves in establishing a sense of concreteness, a firmness of color and cut, the essential beauty of fabrics… I wanted everything to have an air of masculine ease, as we might imagine to find in a young Anthony Quinn, in Raf Vallone or Alexandros Panagulis. I wanted to capture the sensation of a Mediterranean breeze, there in the accessories, in the deliberate lack of ornamentation, in particular attitudes with a semi childlike quality: like the collarless shirt over dark blue pants, or the black pants with ivory percale shirt…

I chose a palette of stone hues for clothes that are timeless: a formal business suit with all the softness of one for leisure occasions; a sport outfit so slim of line as to border on a uniform; shirts in the standard styles…

The waist is naturally slim. Shoulders have a clean round shape, neat and simple. A feeling of airy lightness comes through in the leathers too, where playing with genuine and faux anaconda, gallapawa from South America, I worked a bit of alchemic magic. The result is a look perfect for a modern-day Apelle, son of Apollo… Leathers to wear even with brown pinstripe pants and buffalo-sole shoes…
For various moments of everyday living, I have created a new line: Gianfranco Ferré Jeans, produced and distributed by ITJ-Ittierre Group. It’s a complex project made possible by contemporary textile technology. So, I had the chance to give free rein to my fantasy and infuse today’s easy denim style with classic business fabrics and colors. As in washed gabardine bomber jackets with a fresh sleek allure, nylon/viscose jeans with a smart iridescent gloss, softly crushed clothes in a common type of wrapping paper…”

Gianfranco Ferré