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Collections —Man / Prêt-à-Porter

Spring / Summer — 1989

Press Release

“A collection rigorous and consistent, featuring the utmost in quality in every respect, with the ends of certain fabrics, certain double-face linens requiring both specialized equipment and labor… A collection rich and complete, responding, with a series of flexible proposals, to the needs of the male wardrobe in full… A collection to read as the confirmation of the simplicity, elementariness and research which distinguish Ferré Menswear. To re-read then in search of the underlying thread which unites some of the moods and/or themes: early 20th century seaman, colonial, 1930s summer in the city… Sensations in no way contradictory, allusions recognizable even through mere hints, in that all part of the tradition of manly elegance…”

(notes from a conversation with Gianfranco Ferré on June 27, 1988)

Definition of a male wardrobe by categories, resemblances, assonances and consequences.


Crêpe fabrics; natural opalescent silks; fine iridescent gabardines; stiff lined linens English suit-style; cotton and silk poplins. Complements: striped poplin and starched white linen shirts, silk jacquard and heavy georgette ties, standard 4-cm wide belts in precious leathers, ultralightweight chevron shoes. Also innovative sports jackets in double-face linen weaves.


Wool and cotton reps, wool and cotton gabardines. Close-texture wool/viscose blends. Worked pekary. Volumes fuller than usual for both pants and shirts. Jackets soft, almost destructured of form. Fabrics of different weights in monochromatic mixes. Complements: tubular belts in soft emery leather. Easy unlined shoes with multiplayer, microporous buff soles for agility and comfort.


Clothes comfortable and low-key. Almost a vague taste for all that is lived-in, already part of life’s experiences, also in an intellectual, inner sense. Cashmere and lambswool in hand knits, cotton tricots in patchworks of stitches. Oxford cloths for shirts, jackets and bermuda shorts. Windbreakers in lambswool and Bemberg. Featherweight suedes with rubber coatings. natural pekary with flat seams.