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Collections —Man / Prêt-à-Porter

Fall / Winter — 1997

Press Release

“There is in man an innate penchant which grows and strengthens as time goes by. It is the urge to know, evaluate and understand oneself, almost bordering narcissism… a narcissism as expressed in indivieluality and self-awareness, of one’s own body and inner being. It is the simultaneous craving to break free from schemes and set patterns and yet desiring to dominate them. In complete freedom, one draws from historical heritages choosing items belonging to all civilizations. Uniforms are an emblematic example, even the more recent ones: black leather is now less aggressive and ostenlatious but more self-aware. Because today not only the way we present and express ourselves has changed but also our values have changed…”

Gianfranco Ferré


Comfort: every garment is purposely, deliberately comfortable, also in the case of very snug forms the result of modern stylings that have a sartorial basis. Logic: in the intents. Colors reflect the origin and tradition of garment and material. Thus camelhair is camel colored, though may come in various types of thicknesses and close lextures – from featherweight to ultramatted. Cashmere maintains its natural tones. Quality: sublimated by the shape. Full-textured alpaca that can be used without a frame; double flannels that resemble meltons; wools and cottons that are glued, doubled and teaseled to the point of becoming a unique new fabric for soft warm coats. The unlined, double-faced jackets are beautifui both in and out thanks to up-to-date research playing upon sartoriai solutions that make exquisite use of the technical factors behind the fabric’s construction. Effects: flannels, grisailles, pinwales boast a soft and velvety, almost silky handle. Faux-brocades, deriving from an electronic elaboration of embroideries, for shirts. A soft, warm, firm aspect: while seemingly heavy, all conceals a light soul. Freedom: style need not be formal to express elegance, informal to tone down the look. Day feels perfectly at ease for evening, only attitudes and manners change. Silhouette: Long, black, dark blue, gray with floorlength pardessus. Long, close-fitting jackets worn with an almost military uniform type of disposition. Jeans: in cotton/viscose velvet, triple dyed for an iridescent effect and soft lived-in handle. As always, unusual. Unusual like Gianfranco Ferré Jeans.