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Collections —Man / Accessories

Spring / Summer — 2000

Press Release

Prêt-à-porter Collection

“… Full awareness of a free way of being… of experiencing our body so that it’s as quick, sharp and dynamic as the times demand. Thus everything we wear must adapt to the elasticity and ease of all our movements…

In designing this collection I sought to devote particular attention to the anatomical construction of a now naturally longer and leaner physique. I studied the plastic precision of musculature, accenting the structure with cuts and shapes, stylizing the effect by means of jersey and stretch fabrics…

Taut and compact, the line seems to take on speed: with long slim pants highlighting leg muscles. With a well-cut jacket resting firmly on shoulders yet skimming over chest.

At once snug and clean. Severe and button-free… to make slipping in to and out of all the faster and easier.

The entire figure appears to acquire a new dimension: stronger, solider, slenderer. Sensual in a manner unlike the usual. And in fact reminiscent of the tall thin heroes of early epic western movies, from “The Great Train Robbery” to “The Gun Fighter”…”

Gianfranco Ferré

New points of attraction. Shirts and sweaters with laces instead of buttons. Double-length turned-up jacket cuffs for a cool casual allure. Body-hugging jeans, all accent on muscles.

New logic of quality. Heavy leather tanned on both sides, pierced and patchworked, or lined in silk for a finer fit. Taffetà with metal wire ribbing for a slightly rumpled look. Silk in all its many inflections, from faille for the jacket with a narrowing of lines, to tussah for the raincoat in a keen burnus effect. A fluid lightweight linen for the redingote-duster.

New taste for details. Seamless tubular knitwear (in an underwear mode), but with skinny invisible zips for offering a peek at the body. Tapered open-back loafers for wearing with or without socks.

New sense of color. Brown darker than ebony. Softened by amber, orange, honey and light-rich tones.