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Collections —Man / Accessories

Spring / Summer — 1994

Press Release

Prêt-à-porter Collection

“A wholly Italian collection expressing a sharp innovative spirit, a note of eclecticism, a sure smooth sense of tradition… In designing I took an imaginary trip back through recollections of books and images from the past… Drawing upon a cultural essence at this point second nature, an in-depth awareness of the Italian soul, I call this “the style of the hundred cities,” as a way of accenting the different sources of inspiration…

A seafarer mood in the navy blue, ecru and black, in a rejection of formal dress, too… Business apparel with a bent for fanciful rules, a Neapolitan re-interpretation of the British style… A typically Roman free-and-easy manner in the red jackets worn with ecru silk trousers and turtleneck pullovers… Straw, sand and cord tones, the dry pale hues of Sicilian heat…”

(Gianfranco Ferré, June 24, 1993)

Revealing a common bond in terms of concepts and sensations, the softness of washed, crushed linens in mixes with silk… taffeta-lined bourettes and gauzes for wonderfully fluid forms, destructured suits and weightless dusters, fitling in a pocket or in the palm of a hand… a light airy pullover in a crinkly rhinoceros-hide effect… and on leather, why not?, a giant rhinoceros print…

A liquid flow of colors coming together, changing hue, blending to a point of becoming a non-color. For favoring a diverse shape of the jacket, no shoulder padding, a bodyhugging line in stretch fabrics. Quadrichromatic shirts in overlapping tones: pink, turquoise and yellow in imaginative Italian mixes, for a new approach to the Anglo Saxon look. Radiant pants and paisley jackets in dense mannish shades, significantly and appealingly eccentric … The casual spirit of a maritime world, with crepòn voile chalkstripe trousers, seersucker shirts, natural nuances and a virile cord tone.

Sensations of Sicily… Wind-dried, sun-baked whites and beiges. Lean jackets in limp fabrics worn almost without a shirt, longer than usual and yet as comfortable as ever… Images of Sicilian plants and shrubs, sections of volcanoes and eruptions, like the one that gave rise (before disappearing soon after) to the Ferdinandea island.

A feel for Rome in the flaming bright jackets: twenty shades of red, from coat-of-arms to poppy. Ecru trousers and turtleneck pullovers in a true Dolce Vita mood.