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Collections —Man / Accessories

Fall / Winter — 2007

Press Release

“Invention, alchemy, research. Values forever intrinsic to my style, yet free of gratuitous experimentation. The horizons within which effective quality and uniqueness can take shape are defined by precise aesthetic codes and well-established logics of elegance.

So, for next fall/winter I like to envision and depict the Gianfranco Ferré man as a sort of modern alchemist, a surely inquisitive and possibly eccentric individual and in any case someone who is keenly attentive and very aware. Setting out from what with no qualms we may consider customary and/or usual, this alchemist makes the quietly explosive force of normality his own. Arriving easily at ideas, sparking impressions that are clearly new, original and in no way obvious, he consciously and continuously seeks…

… An utter accuracy of constructions, opting for innovative, almost surprising solutions. He chooses, for example, a perfectly classic coat where – belying appearances – the volume presents a single seam.

… An impeccability of shapes, yet enjoying more comfortable, luxurious, generous proportions.

… A true excellence of materials, the distinctiveness of supreme quality, renouncing every ‘mystification’ and type of elaboration that are not strictly necessary.

… A rich depth of colors, favoring the very darkest and intense of hues.”

Gianfranco Ferré


The most usual, the most special. Timeless. Remarkable too. Supercombed wools and ultra close-textured cottons. Polished cashmeres and waterproof silks. Alligator and sable. Magically light buffalo, laser-cut nappa creating a scale effect…


The deepest and darkest, even more so than black. Unequivocally wintery. Anthracite gray, burgundy, navy and an unprecedented brown coming from a genuinely alchemic weave of yarns, each in a different shade…