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Collections —Woman / Prêt-à-Porter

Spring / Summer — 1989

Press Release

“I could describe this collection in a single phrase… an expression somewhere between flights of fantasy and fond memories… A seafarer, a romantic at heart, who falls in love with the Hawaiian Islands… And so a special feel for the uniform, for the sleekness of white and navy blue, the fragrance of piqué, the dryness of gabardine, in contrast then to languid feminine forms arising from the natural gesture of wrapping the body. In contrast still, the vivid tropical-flower colors, rich of hue, sugary almost… And, finally, the freedom to assume a behavior, an attitude as sweet as can be…”

Gianfranco Ferré

Unforeseen consequences. The adventurous spirit of red in mix with blue, reminiscent of a symbolic pennant. The white-and-blue effects typical of strange, fantastic decors, such as those on the prows and decks of ships. Handfuls of flowers for skirts on long shirt-dresses knotted and held up on hips. The marocain blouse with classic cummerbund at waist.

Deliberate gestures. Tightening the skirt in lightweight tricot, creating a triangle in cool wool. Loosening up the shirt-non-shirt, tying on a shoulder a foulard with blue satin borders. Cinching the blouses with huge gauze scarves, knotting them at breasts.

Apparent contrasts. The cotton or organza voile shirt with piqué yoke, over soft silk satin or crepe pants. The white-and-blue striped pullover, over satin pants. The striped sarong-skirt, with piqué jacket and flower-studded striped scarf.

Allusive impulses. The broadly pleated tulle skirt, all aglitter in the style of the traditional blue marocain suit. The richly flowing duster, in a lightweight perforated tulle suede or in a transparent silk gauze. The dress with a small blue cape, gathered on a hip as if put on in too much of a hurry.

Embroidery effects. Piqué patterns embroidered on shirt fronts. Waxed braidings in macramé. Shimmering taffeta in honeycomb effects for mannish jackets. Decors, ribbons and metal bandoleers.

Sea-time moods. The gymnast-style maillot in blue tulle. The beach pajama in white-and-red striped satin. The robe in black velvet. The white swimsuit with black velvet stretch inserts.