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Collections —Woman / Accessories

Spring / Summer — 1998

Press Release

Prêt-à-porter Collection

“This is a collection of opposites expressing extreme feelings: it borrows femininity even from classic elements of the male wardrobe, seeks out a sense of adventure while underlining a need for tender protection… a delicate caress, a long embrace. And when an urge arises for dancing fluidity around the body, it heightens the impact through a sensual concealing and revealing… with the precise intent of encouraging the game of seduction, but also with an impulse for passionate sweetness…”.

Gianfranco Ferré

Impressions… A sparkle of water amidst the sand, European beaches, Venice or Nice, sudden gusts of warm breeze, a vague romantic air that shades, softens, lightens…

Figures… Scalloping for finer, smoother contours. A bodice at the back which appears and disappears. Small and sweet, the shirt in cotton voile or organza. A shaping of the body with every puff of wind, in the baggy jumpsuit in parachute silk. Skirts very long and very short accentuating the fragile stem of legs…

Elegances… A flared, unlined linen duster coat, narrow at the shoulders, full along the hem. The washed-organza shirt with lace trim, superlight, waxed suede pants underneath. An unusually soft well-constructed suit, with knee-length jacket and low-slung pants. The white sarong skirt with pleats, set off by a Tom of Finland look in sassy, allusive, black knitwear. Mannish flats in raw canvas, spike heels with a tapered Concorde toe…

Materials… Techno nylon mesh, impalpable colored python, doubleface nylon/cotton organza (also for army-style bombers), stripe stretch taffetà (for figure-draping shirts), soft and lacquered suede. Sweet point d’esprit voile. Laser-embroidered openwork, silk jacquard over sheer nylon…

Inspirations… A pouch-type vest in pink python for chic wandering. Light blue jeans in bleached hemp-cloth, washed satin accentuating the “derrière.” Drawstrings gathering up double organzas for an extra sense of lightness. For evening, layers of ruches, metalized plissés, starched borders with all the magic of precious silk sheets…

Reflections… Pristine white, sandtone beiges. Absolute black. Grays and blues shading into light azures and a luminous water hue. Pink, from pale coral to golden desert rose…