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Collections —Woman / Accessories

Fall / Winter — 2007

Press Release

“Mosaïque”, the profound soul of glamour

Deep within the creative DNA of Gianfranco Ferré there is an unalloyed passion for the material of his trade. An alchemic passion born of the expertise associated with the most noble expressions of craftsmanship, but eagerly taking advantage of state-of-the-art manufacturing methods in order to interpret and exalt every type of material, from the most precious to the most humble, in a relentless effort to optimize the positive aspects and bring out all its charm, in order to render it special and magic, unique and always unprecedented. In a sincere effort to amaze and, at the same time, guarantee genuine quality, authentic exclusivity.

“Mosaïque” is the latest, sophisticated manifestation of this alchemical propensity to high definition. It’s a project that is intended to serve as a focal point of the product brand strategy, in particular, within the realm of the accessories, always a great love of Gianfranco Ferré, a field in which his supreme creativity and inventive genius have achieved results of absolute excellence and pure innovation.

“Mosaïque” plays with material in a context of three-dimensionality. Or, more precisely, it plays with all sorts of materials: buttery-soft nappa and shimmering patent leather, dazzling metal and ductile fabrics, that are laser cut and then combined in triple-layer compositions, sometimes mixing them among themselves, sometimes incorporating them without any mixing. The appearance, the first impression is that of a single substance with a harmoniously irregular surface, as if the tesserae of a virtual mosaic had somehow come to life. It’s profound, full-bodied and richly textured, rather like a mysterious lunar landscape. It’s vivacious and vibrant, largely because it is interspersed by different chromatic effects and highlights that set up a resonance among themselves.

The kaleidoscopic nature of “Mosaïque” makes it possible to render it in an almost unlimited range of varied manifestations. It distinguishes bags of every size and type, small leather goods, buckles, details and trim for handbags. It is demonstrating itself to be absolutely transversal in terms of potential applications, defining both the Women’s as well as the Men’s collections.

“Mosaïque” is more than a sophisticated, innovative play of materials. It is a challenge that wants to posit the material as the constitutive element of the product. And, by extension, positing it as the very present and future identity of a brand that has been a leader in the international luxury market for nearly thirty year, a dynamic brand that in this way renews its innate predisposition for magic…